ENVIRONMENT SOCIAL GOVERNANCE GC strive to operate for the organization’s growth as well as the balance of the three dimensions, namely Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). Our success has been reflected throughout the recognitions both national and international. GC has implemented sustainability strategies and achieved the objectives as our goals. We have also attained outstanding results under sustainability strategy (Step Up): Climate Management GC has continued to initiate energy efficiency enhancement projects which have largely contributed to the continuous decline in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission and achieved GHG scope 1 & 2 reduction target, Furthermore, we have uplifted new challenges to be more environmentally responsible by setting the target to reduce greenhouse gas (scope 1 and 2) by 20 percent within 2030 and achieve net zero emissions and cooperate with supplier and customers to reduce halving in scope 3 emissions within 2050. Circular Economy GC is the one of the first organizations in Thailand to implement Circular Economy with distinct examples of success. We have built and continuously expanded our partner network to become a role model for Circular Economy in tandem with creating business value. GC place importance and raise awareness in waste management to the society. GC has collaborated with our partners initiated “Yaek Khuat Chuai Mor (PET To PPE Project)” to install drop points to turn PET into PPE gowns for medical personnel. This creates an awareness about Circular Economy while also helping the nation to fight the ongoing crisis. Society and Community GC strives to cooperate with various agencies and organizations to develop the communities and societies tandem with sustainable business operations. We aim to become a partner that creates sustainable shared value for the society. In this regard, Social Enterprises (SE) have been established with the target to generate sustainable income for local communities. The example of highlight project is Community Waste Model Project by developing smart Saleng (tricycles) in extension to the YOUTURN Platform, which help to systematically manage waste for delivery as feedstock to ENVICCO, GC’s recycled plastic resin factory. This effort will reduce environmental problem and create jobs for local communities in a sustainable manner. GC’s firm commitment to sustainability is in line with the national approach and in accordance with international standards. As a result, GC has become the only chemical company in Thailand and Asia to have received No. 1 global ranking from the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the third consecutive year. The company has also earned the highest ranking in Thailand for Climate Change Management and scored an “A” (Leadership Level), which is the highest ranking, in Water Security based on the assessment framework of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a globally trusted assessment institute. Additionally, GC has received recognition from leading Thai institutes, such as the SET Sustainability Awards of Honor for the fourth consecutive year and the Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) Awards for the seventh consecutive year from the Stock Exchange of Thailand. These examples of success in sustainability leadership undoubtedly reflect GC’s commitment to grow with ESG as our foundation. 110 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021