Estimated Annual CAPEX of PTTGC Group for the next 5 years Projects Total 2022-2026 Estimated Annual CAPEX (M.USD) 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 1) Key Project - Recycle Plant 3 3 - Super Engineering Plastic (KGC) 7 7 - Olefin 2 Modification 115 65 50 2) Other projects 297 156 81 39 20 0 3) allnex expansion & growth Capex 187 78 75 30 2 2 GC group Grand total 608 309 206 69 22 2 Notes: 1. Group annual maintenance ~ 310-360 M.USD (including allnex Holding GmbH) 2. Other projects such as IT & digital, new office facility, etc. 3. Excludes the proposed delisting of securities of Vinythai Public Company Limited and the tender offer for securities for the purpose of delisting which the company submitted tender offer on December 21, 2021. PROJECTS PROGRESS 1. According to GC’s strategy to further build its position in HVB business, the company acquired allnex Holding GmbH (allnex) for EUR 4.1 billion. The company fund from operation cash, loan from banks, and inter-company loan from PTT to support this acquisition which was completed on December 29, 2021. The acquisition of allnex highly fits to the Company Group’s growth strategy with the aim to diversify the Company Group’s business toward specialties arena, specifically to increase profit contribution from and capture growth opportunities in High Value Business (“HVB”), which matches the global megatrend. allnex who is a global leader in specialty coating resins and crosslinkers business can serve as future growth platform of the Company Group to further build its position in HVB business at the global level. The Company expects to collaborate with allnex to enhance the synergies while further add values to allnex’s unique qualities and enhance its competitive edge, and to work together to preserve allnex’s strength while creating more opportunities and synergies in business, growth, innovation, and operational excellence. In addition, the company considered to pursue loan refinance and accomplished for THB bond issuance amounting to THB 30,000 million to Institution Investors and/or High Net Worth Investors in January 2022. The company is also seeking for further appropriate funding to extend term loan and strengthen company balance sheet in the near future. 2. The Company has important projects in the pipeline: The Company had approved an investment for the Recycle Plant that have signed a cooperation agreement to establish a Joint venture company to be called ENVICCO Limited. The joint venture company was established with the objectives to be manufacturer of high-quality recycled plastic resins, with rPET and rHDPE capacity of 45,000 ton per year including rPET 30,000 ton per year and rHDPE 15,000 ton per year. The plant is expected to start commercial operation within Q1/2022. The Company and Kuraray Co. Ltd (KRR) set up a joint venture, Kuraray GC Advanced Materials Co. Ltd, with High Heat Resistant Polyamide-9T (PA9T) capacity of 13,000 ton per year and Hydrogenated Styrenic Block Copolymer (HSBC) capacity of 16,000 ton per year. The plant is expected to start commercial operation within 2022. The Company had approved an investment for the Olefins 2 Modification Project which will allow the Company to increase Propane usage as feedstock and align with the Company’s strategy to enhance feedstock flexibility and long-term competitiveness. The plant is expected to start commercial operation within Q1/2023. Currently, the projects are remained on the development plan. The company wi l l publ icly announce the information once the implementation of the projects is officially made. 109 BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX