Acquiring allnex led to GC becoming a global leader in the chemical business GC increased its investment in allnex, the global leader in resin coatings, reflecting our vision to be a leader in the global chemical industry and grow high-value businesses. We shifted our portfolio from commodity chemicals to performance chemicals to meet our goal of increasing our production of performance chemicals to 35% by 2030. Moreover, allnex is the leader in green technology, and is committed to reduce its carbon emissions, while having been a pioneer in sustainable innovation for the resins coatings industry for over 70 years. GC’s investment in allnex embodies the principle of TOGETHER TO NET ZERO. RESPONSIBLE CARING PORTFOLIO-DRIVEN EFFICIENCY-DRIVEN SMART OPERATING GC aims to enhance efficiency by maximizing resource utilization and raising awareness of the importance of energy conservation during the production process. In 2021, GC has initiated 82 projects for energy conservation. Greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1 and 2) are at 8.19 million tons CO2 equivalent. achieving the targeted goal (not exceeding 8.56 million tons CO2 equivalent) Reduced 7 consecutive years of zero landfill disposal.