Corporate Risk Factor Important Mitigation Measures Streamline product certification process and set a clear and concise quality control according to the standard requirements. For compound products, there has been a review of related documents on the Product Liability Disclaimer between the Company and the finished goods manufacturers, as well as between the Company and the consumers. Moreover, the Company is now conducting a study on the Product Liability Insurance to transfer risks in the event of damages and claims. People and Organization Risk To ensure that the Company can adapt to volatile business conditions and drive growth in all aspects according to the defined strategies, GC places importance on the organization, culture, and its people r e a d i n e s s t o a c c ommod a t e changes in work models, business environments as well as new business opportunities along with driving the Digital Transformation with strong data governance, infrastructure and security system to concretely increase work efficiency, strengthen compet i t i veness and maintain long-term sustainable growth. The Company continuously places importance on the personnel, organization, and culture by implementing measures as follows: Implement lean and process improvement through the FiT Project, which focuses on end-to-end process adjustment together with digitization and people competency development to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, improve system effectiveness, enhance the employees’ capabilities and skills, boost agility, and minimize risks. Network data throughout the organization with an objective to enable accurate and quick decision-making process. Initiate people development scheme for executives at all levels as well as employees with high potential (Top Talent) throughout the organization to ensure the sufficiency of workforces. Moreover, the Company also prepares succession plans that are in time for retiring executives and adequate for GC’s growth plan. Design a Learning and Development platform for employees that focuses on self-learning through digital technologies. Promote agile and cross functional way of work to emphasize flexibility and operational efficiency. Besides, Work from Home (WFH) policy has been implemented as a normal working style in order to ensure work flexibility and adaptability to the COVID-19 pandemic while adhering to the demands of new generation employees. Continuously foster an organization culture through GC SPIRIT, expressed through 4 Core Behaviors to build understanding, awareness and actions of employees at all levels. Launch several well-being projects that focused on uplifting health, mindfulness, and wealth of employees to create friendly working environment and happy working conditions. In addition to this, employee surveys have been conveyed such as the Work from Home Survey and the Employee Engagement Survey therefore the results, employees’ feedback and comments received through the survey have been used to improve GC’s working environment and conditions. 85 BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX