Strategic Risk Successful execution of established strategies plays a vital role in the achievement of long-term corporate goals. Since the volatility and rapid changes of the business environment may affect the ability to successfully implement its strategies, GC has taken the following steps to manage risk factors related to its strategies execution. Corporate Risk Factor Important Mitigation Measures Investment Risk GC expands investments to enhance i ts compet i t iveness and foster long-term growth and sustainability. To this end, it places great importance on the management of investmentrelated risks in terms of financing, credit rating, and resource allocation. An aspect of sustainability must also be incorporated to secure business sustainable growth and returns in the future. GC has introduced the following investment-related risk management measures. Analyze, review and prioritize investment projects to be in consistent with trends and economic conditions as well as integrate an aspect of sustainability as one of the key criteria for investment consideration. Implement a stage-gate process to govern investment decisions from the opportunity-seeking stage to investment approval by the Investment Supervision Committee, according to GC’s Corporate Investment Management (CIM) process. For major investment projects with high capital investment and/or having significant impact on the Company’s reputation or stakeholders, the Risk Management Committee shall provide recommendations and review the adequacy of risk assessment and mitigation measures to supplement the approval decision. Perform a lookback analysis to evaluate completed projects and use lessons learned to improve GC’s investment management and increase the probability of success of future investments. Streamline project funding and financing as well as ensure the Company’s liquidity according to the financial policy by considering financing method that is not affect the Credit Rating and the financial discipline. Competitiveness Risk In response to the high volatile business environment, the entry of new players, intense market competition, the spread of the COVID-19 virus, changing consumer behaviors and the emergence of NewNormal Trends, GC must enhance its strength and resilience to maintain its competitive advantage and ability to operate its businesses sustainably in the face of challenges and uncertainties brought on by external factors. GC has implemented the following mitigation measures to enhance competitiveness. Continuously improve operational efficiency and create added value through the MAX Infinity project and the MTP Integration which will create synergies among plants and companies within the PTT Group, suppliers, and customers in order to further enhance competitiveness in five areas, namely (1) Supply Chain Optimization (2) Polymer Marketing and Logistic Optimization (3) Energy and Utility Optimization (4) Value Added Enhancement and (5) Value Maintenance. In addition, the Company has strengthened innovation capabilities and adopted new technologies, especially the digital technology, to “Modernize and Innovate” its plants to increase production and operational efficiency as well as reduce costs and losses. Implement “FiT project” for Lean & Process Improvement to increase efficiency and flexibility, as well as to minimize risks and costs. 82 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021