Subsidiaries, and Shareholding by Business Group The chart below shows major relations between GC and other companies under PTT Group with significant connection to GC’s main businesses. E&P and Gas Business Group Subsidiaries Consolidate PTT Exploration PTTEP 65.29%2/ & Production Plc. PTT Natural Gas PTTNGD 58.00% Distribution Co., Ltd. PTT LNG Co., Ltd. PTTLNG 100.00% PTT Global LNG PITGL 50.00% Co., Ltd Joint Ventures Equity Trans Thai-Malaysia TTM (T) 50.00% (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Trans Thai-Malaysia TTM (M) 50.00% (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Map Ta Phut Air MAP 49.00% Products Company Limited Data as of 31 Dec 2021 Oil Business Group Subsidiaries Consolidate PTT Oil & Retail OR 75.00% Business Co., Ltd. International Trading Business Group Subsidiaries Consolidate PTT International PTTT 100.00% Trading Pte. PTT International PTTT LDN 100.00% Trading London Ltd PTT International PTTT USA 100.00% Trading USA Inc. Others Subsidiaries Consolidate Business Service Alliance Co., Ltd.1/ BSA 25.00%3/ PTT Treasury Center Co. Ltd. PTT TCC 100.00% Joint Ventures Equity Suez Environmental Services Co.,Ltd. SES 40.00% Others Cost Sarn Palung Social Enterprise Company Ltd. SPSE 20.00% Dhipaya Insurance Plc. TIPH 13.46% Petrochemicals & Refining Business Group Petrochemical Subsidiaries Consolidate PTT Global GC 48.18%2/ Chemical Plc.1/ PTT Tank Terminal PTTTANK 100.00% Co. Ltd. Refining Subsidiaries Consolidate Thai Oil Plc.1/ TOP 48.03%2/ IRPC Plc.1/ IRPC 48.05%2/ Technology and Engineering Business Group Subsidiaries Consolidate Global Power Synergy Co., Ltd. 1/ GPSC 75.23%2/ PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd. 1/ PTT DIGITAL 20.00% PTT Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. 1/ PTTES 40.00% Energy Complex Co., Ltd. EnCo 50.00% Joint Ventures Equity District Cooling System and Power Plant DCAP 35.00% Others Fair value Baania (Thailand) Company Ltd. Baania 2.73% HG Robotics Plc. HG Robotics 9.47% Innospace (Thailand) Innospace 13.61% Sunfolding, Inc. Sunfloding 5.59% Luminar Technologies, Inc. Luminar Technologies 0.07% Ample, Inc. AMPLE 1.13% International Investment Business Group Subsidiaries Consolidate PTT Energy Resources Co., Ltd. PTTER 100.00% PTT Green Energy Pte. Ltd. PTTGE 100.00% PTT Global Management Co., Ltd. PTTGM 100.00% Remarks: 1/ Subsidiaries that PTT holds less than 50% but being consolidated because PTT has the power to control the financial and operating policies. 2/ Holding portion of PTT Group (direct & indirect) 3/ PTT holds 100% of BSA’s ordinary shares, PTT’s ownership interest in BSA is 100% PTT: PTT sells primary feedstock to GC (crude oil, condensate, natural gases). IRPC REFINERY: IRPC sells certain feedstock to GC (diesel and high-sulfur kerosene). GPSC: GPSC sells certain utilities to GC (water, steam, electricity). PTT OIL AND RETAIL BUSINESS: GC sells certain products to OR (petroleum products). PTT INTERNATIONAL TRADING: GC sells certain products to PTTT (petroleum products, aromatics, etc.). IRPC REFINERY: GC sells certain products to IRPC (Euro IV diesel and jet fuel). 73 BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX