2.2) JETTY AND CHEMICAL TANK FARM Thai Tank Terminal Limited (TTT) provides terminals and liquid chemical storage for industrial customers in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate. 2.3) PIPELINE INFRASTRUCTURESERVICES Thai Tank Terminal Limited (TTT) provides terminals and liquid chemical storage for industrial customers in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate. 2.4) UTILITY BUSINESS GC makes investments in this business through its shareholding of Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited (GPSC), producing and supplying electricity, steam, and industrial water to companies under PTT Group and other industrial plants. 2.5) LAND AND PROPERTYMANAGEMENT GC Estate Co., Ltd. (GCEC) manages land and property to support the Company’s investment and/or strategic joint ventures. 2 . 6 ) INFORMAT ION AND COMMUNICAT ION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES PTT Digital Solutions Co., Ltd. (PTT Digital) provides integrated ICT services, including the design, development, and maintenance of ICT systems as per corporate requirements. 3) TECHNICAL, ENGINEERING, PLANT MAINTENANCE, SAFETY, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, ENVIRONMENTAL, AND SECURITY BUSINESSES 3.1)PLANT MANAGEMENT AND ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICES GC Ma i nt enance and Engineering Co., Ltd. (GCME) provides multiple services, including plant maintenance, design and engineering, construction, pipework, procurement, material work, and production administration, to petroleum and petrochemical operators in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, as well as other industries both in Thailand and Asia. GC has also joined hands with companies under PTT Group to establish PTT Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. (PTTES) to provide technical engineering consultation services. 3.2) SAFETY,OCCUPATIONALHEALTH,ENVIRONMENTAL, AND SECURITY SERVICES NPC Safety and Environmental Service Co., Ltd. (NPC S&E), provides integrated services concerning safety, occupational health, and environmental training; design and instal lat ion of f ire protect ion systems; and consul tat ion on implement ing internat ional management systems standards for qual i ty management and safety, occupational health, environment systems. NPC S&E Security Guard Co., Ltd. (NPCSG) provides security services as well as and safety consulting and training. 4) SOCIAL ENTERPRISES 4.1)MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY Pracharath Rak Samakkee Rayong (Social Enterprise) Co., Ltd. (PRS RAYONG) of fers consul tat ion on business administration in various areas, such as agriculture and trading. 4.2)SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Sarn Palang Social Enterprise Co., Ltd. (SPSE), produces, buys, and sells products and services that benefits communities, society, and the environment. 5) OTHERS 5.1) GC GROUP’S LIQUIDITY MANAGEMENT AND FINANCING VEHICLE SERVICES GC Treasury Center Co., Ltd. (GCTC) manages financial affairs and fund acquisition for companies under GC Group. 5.2)CORPORATE VENTURE CAPITAL INVESTMENT (CVC) GC Ventures Co., Ltd. (GCV) and GC Ventures America Corporation (GCVA) invest both directly and indirectly in the form of corporate venture capital. 5.3)OUTSOURCING SERVICE Business Services Alliance Co., Ltd. (BSA) supplies manpower and contractors to PTT Group. 58 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021