These products are used in various diversified industries such as automotive, packaging & inks, electrical appliances, industrial wood, manufacturing (industrial metal), construction, marine and aerospace. This product portfolio provides various properties such as durability, flexibility, color retention, hardness, anti-corrosion, resistance from chemical , l iquid, sunl ight and outstanding appearance. The production has been Company Product Nameplate Capacity (thousand tons per year) Vencorex HDI and HDI Derivatives 127 PTTAC Acrylonitrile (AN) 200 Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) 85 GCO Propylene Oxide (PO) 200 GCP Polyether Polyols (PPG) Polymer Polyols (POP) Premix Polyols (PM) 130 30 20 allnex Industrial Coating Resins and Additives 1,297 FEEDSTOCK SOURCING The primary feedstock for HDI is hexamethylenediamine (HMDA), all of which is sourced from global leading producers through both short-term and long-term purchase agreements. The AN plant uses propane, ammonia, and acetone as primary feedstocks. Propane is transported through the pipeline of the gas separation plants of PTT Public Company Limited. Ammonia is shipped from international producers to storage tanks and transported through a pipeline system to the company. Acetone is obtained from within GC Group. The primary feedstocks for the MMA plant consists of acetone cyanohydrin (ACH), a by-product from the AN plant transferred via pipeline to the storage tanks of the plant, as well as methanol and sulfuric acid, which are shipped and transferred to storage tanks and subsequently transported to the company via pipeline or transport vehicles. The PO plant uses propylene and cumene as the primary feedstocks. Propylene is transported via pipeline from GC, while cumene is obtained from within GC Group (PTT Phenol Company Limited) via pipeline. The polyols plants relies on PO and EO as the main feedstocks. PO is transported via pipeline from GC Oxirane Company Limited, while EO is transported via pipeline from Glycol. Other feedstocks and chemicals are sourced both domestically and internationally. The industrial coating resins and additives plants use various type of feedstocks based upon the manufacturing formulation and purposes, mainly consist of purified terephthalic acid (PTA), epoxy resin, neopentyl glycol, purified isophthalic acid, styrene, methyl methacrylate, acrylic acid, butyl acrylate, melamine, and formaldehyde. allnex use global procurement system to manage these feedstocks, in order to increase bargain power. POLICY AND MARKETING Vencorex is the world’s second largest player in Aliphatic Isocyanates. Its policy is to sell HDI and HDI derivatives primarily to its key account customers and dealerships. Vencorex has three production plants in France, the U.S., and Thailand, and has customer bases in every operated by allnex Holding GmbH (allnex) which is 100% owned by PTTGC International (Netherlands) B.V. Importantly, allnex has 4 major business units in their footprint, consisting of: liquid resins & additives (LRA), radcure (RAD), crosslinkers (XLR) and power coating resins (PCR), with 34 production facilities based in 18 countries across the world. Nevertheless, GC Group also is capable to manufacture the following performance materials and chemicals: 56 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021