Tackling climate change relying on circular economy principle by cooperating with all stakeholders throughout the supply chain under (1) smart operating, (2) responsible caring and (3) loop connecting frameworks focusing on the integration of cost-effective use of resources and efficient waste management together with portfolio management for low emission business and creating consolidated product circularity in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emission and number of used plastic waste. GC is seeking to invest in High Value Businesses (HVB) with a focus on growth products with superior profitability which will meet consumer needs according to megatrends. In 2021, the Company is seeking to acquire the business of allnex Holding GmbH, a world-class producer of industrial coating materials, remarking an important step of the Company towards entering into a High Value Business (HVB) which will cause the Company to grow dramatically and increase the high value business ratio which in turn will help reduce risk from fluctuation of operating results of commodity product. GC also seeks new business opportunities by utilizing Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) to enter new businesses with outstanding technologies and innovations, including low-carbon business which can be used to further strengthen and expand current businesses. Furthermore, to strengthen the ability to compete in a long-run, GC seek opportunity to establish the second business base in other country (i.e., the second home base) to gain competitive feedstock advantages and market growth. GC elevates its sustainability operation for business connectivity in response to industrial trends as well as strikes a sustainability balance in three aspects: economic, social, and environment, to become a model of sustainability operation at the international level and reduce the greenhouse gas emission under both scope 1 and 2 to net zero by 2050. The key activities are as follows: In order to accomplish all of three strategies aforementioned, it is necessary for GC to transform its operation method so that it becomes efficient and ready to tackle business changes which are subject to fluctuation, and to be in line with the growth direction. GC has set out direction for organization transformation involving suitable process and working method which are highly flexible and and adjustable under the “FiT Project” by improving the end-to-end working process and introducing the use of digital platform in the working process to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, enhance system effectiveness, boost agility, and decrease risks as well as carrying on people upskill and reskill so that existing staff become knowledgeable and holding skills which are in line with directions of the Company. Knowledgeable, and create a corporate culture that improves preparedness for change, as well as strengthen supporting units and lays down the foundation for effective Governance, Risk management and internal control, and Compliance (GRC), to ensure compliance with laws, rules, and regulations and assure transparency and accountability to its stakeholders. STEP OUT 2 STEP UP 3 TRANSFORMATION 4 Engaging in decarbonization via compensation to promote the work towards net zero carbon emission goal. The remaining carbon emission will compensated by the use of Carbon Capture for Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technology wh i ch i s h igh l y efficient and has competitive cost, and the use of nature-based solutions, e.g., forestation, forest restoration, efficient carbon credit management, etc. Ma i n t a i n i ng l eade r s h i p i n sustainabi l ity by focusing on adopting international-standard sustainability-led practices in the main aspects of operation (i.e., Environmental, Social and Governance aspects (ESG) ) , sustainably creating value to the society, as well as extending sustainability-led practices to the Group in accordance with the decarbonization roadmap in order to achieve the net zero emission goal in 2050 and becoming a model in the petrochemical and other relevant industries. 5 BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX CORPORATE STRATEGIES