BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX Internal Activities Providing training on “ACPG Anti-Corruption & Working Paper” to the Anti-corruption promotion working team to build understanding on self-assessment pursuant to the CAC checklist (version 4.0) and the making of working paper, by Mr. Pana Ratanabanangkoon, the director of the CAC and Ms. Wilaiporn Ittiwiroon, partner of the audit department of EY Office Company Limited. Providing training on “Ethical Leadership: Turning Ethic into Action (2021)” to department managers of the GC Group via UP e-Learning system, by Asst. Prof. Dr. Opas Kitkumheang, the dean of Business Management Faculty of Siam Technology College to build awareness on roles of leaders in performing duties and making responsible and ethical decisions. Providing training on “Anti-Corruption Program: Strengthening Action Against Fraud & Corruption” to department managers of the GC group to create understanding on theory and definition of corruption, corruption related risk assessment and appropriate internal control system, by Prof. Vicha Mahakun and Mr. Tossaporn Rattanamastip from the Thailand’s Anti-Corruption Academy, Rangsit University via Microsoft Teams application. Providing training on “Ethical Leadership for New Era” to the Executives to build awareness on the importance of leaders of organizations to carry on business with ethics, to learn about challenges of business operation in current situation and in the future and guidelines for making importation decisions relating to the organization by Dr. Narumol Sinhaseni, senior executive vice president of MC Group Public Company Limited via Microsoft Teams application. Providing mandatory training on “Hook Acknowledgement and Learning” via e-Learning system to employees at every level to learn about corporate governance supervision, compliance with law, rules and regulations and the Company’s business code of conduct. Putting in place communication on conflict of interest matters, receiving of complaints and protection measures for tips providers and those who cooperate with the process to make awareness among Executives and employees upon the importance of whistleblowing and enhance confidence to provide tips via the provided channels and to create understanding of the procedures and protection measures related to the process. (details of which can be found under “Whistleblowing” section). Communicating business code of conduct of the Company every month (i.e., “Tone at the Top” and “Hook Talk”, during TownHall and other meetings of the Company.) External activities with stakeholders Participating in CAC Change Agent Program on September 16, 2021 to expand network of transparent business to supplier whereby the Company has communicated and emphasized on the anti-corruption policies and guidelines of the GC group, as well as promoting suppliers to apply for membership of CAC in the Supplier conference which is being held every year. The satisfaction evaluation result from the suppliers who received the communication in 2021 was at 90.2%. Informing all business partners of guidelines on the No Gift policy of the GC group which include no asking for/accepting gi fts, presents, entertainments and other special treatments from business partners to avoid any act which may lead to discrimination or conflict of interest and to jointly maintain working standard of transparency and efficiency. Informing people outside the company of the no gift policy by publicizing clearly on the website of the Company and setting up noticeable information board within the office areas especially at the contact points. Putting in place channels which people outside the company can make contact and ask questions in case they have any questions or suggestions relating to corporate governance and business code of conduct which they can send the matter to the corporate governance’s E-mail at cg@pttgcgroup.com. Participating in activities with external organization, for example: Participating in the 2021 Anti-corruption Day onl ine act ivi t ies held by Ant i-corrupt ion organization via online platform on September 6, 2021. Participating in and showing GC Group’s spirit in proclaiming its intention to carry out business with transparency and corruption-free in the 185