Due to its initiatives to expand its sustainable environmental management across its networks in all sectors, all of GC’s plants have been certified Eco Factory by the Federation of Thai Industries since 2015 and obtained the Green Industry Level 5 certificates from the Ministry of Industry since 2016. This highest level of certification demonstrates GC’s commitment to becoming a green network leader. As a result, in 2021, GC earned the top score for environmental management in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) in the chemical business category for the third consecutive year in addition to being awarded the highest rating of A in 1. Deployment: communicated and delivered training to build understanding of GCMS contents to relevant staff and managements. 2. Basel ine Assessment : conducted Basel ine assessment using GCMS Scoring Toolkit to analyze and establish gap closure plan to improve processes and performances according to GCMS requirements. Leadership Level for both climate change and water security management based on the assessment framework of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). These accolades not only testify to GC’s success in incorporating into account quality, safety, occupational health, and environmental concerns into its business operations but also demonstrate its leadership in the chemical industry and its position as an innovative organization with social responsibility and the aspiration to elevate the quality of life as well as a model for cultivating awareness and promoting the adoption of relevant practices to achieve tangible results in a sustainable manner. 3. Gap Closure: implemented Gap Closure Plan for process and performance improvement. 4. Performance Measures: measured and monitored all required KPIs to ensure continuous improvement of their effectiveness. 4. GC MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (GCMS) In 2019, GC successfully developed GC Management System (GCMS) under the Baldridge Performance Excellence Framework and integrated applicable requirements from other international management system standards. GC has deployed and implemented GCMS as a pilot in Corporate Functions and two Business Units, namely EO-Based Performance (EOB) and Group Performance Center-Utilities (UTY). In 2021, GC continued implementing GCMS in all Business Units and Corporate Functions based on the following GCMS Company-wide Implementation Approach: GCMS Manual GCMS Scoring Framework (Toolkit) Best Practices/ Recommended Practices GCMS KPIs DEPLOYMENT BASELINE ASSESSMENT GAP CLOSURE PERFORMANCE MEASURES Element Champion/Leader Check-in Understanding of GCMS Excellence Framework Gaps/OFIs Process Improvement Performance Improvement Working Team/ Process Owner Working Team/ Process Owner Working Team/ Process Owner Element Champion/ Leader/Working Team GCMS Company-wide Implementation Approach 1 2 3 4 180 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021