AUGUST 10, 2021 AUGUST 13, 2021 GC AND CARGILL HIGHLIGHTED THEIR GLOBAL LEADERSHIP IN SUSTAINABILITY, WHILE SUPPORTING THE BCG ECONOMY BY BUILDING A NEW FULLY-INTEGRATED BIOPLASTIC PRODUCTION FACILITY IN THAILAND GC International Corporation, a subsidiary of GC, and Cargill Incorporated (Cargill) as a 50% stockholder in NatureWorks LLC, the No.1 manufacturer of polylactic acid (PLA), announced their plans to construct a new fully-integrated bioplastic production facility in Thailand to meet increased demand for sustainable materials in the global market. The project supports the Bio-CircularGreen economy model aimed at Thai economic growth and enhanced competitiveness to propel Thailand towards achieving the sustainable development goals. This new production facility will use the world’s most advanced biopolymer technology and sugar from Thai sugarcane farmers to help expand partnerships in the bio-polymer market, including the production and development of products to meet the demand for sustainable materials. Located in the Nakhon Sawan Biocomplex (NBC) in Nakhon Sawan, the production facility is a fully-integrated polylactide and PLA facility with an annual biopolymer capacity of 75,000 tons. This is the first project in Thailand that aligns with the BCG economy model according to the Royal Thai Government policy. GC SUPPORTS A PR PROJECT ON FORESTATION UNDER THE “BREATH” CONCEPT On August 13, 2021, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Royal Forest Department organized a PR project on forestat ion under the “Breath” concept to promote the conservation and rehabilitation of forests and the sustainable utilization of forestlands. The public sector, private sector and civil society support increasing green areas with net zero goals in Thailand. Having awareness of the importance of this project, GC encouraged the public to understand and be aware of the significance of forest resources and participation in adding more green areas. 18 PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED Form 56-1 One Report 2021