Performance Materials and Chemicals Business Unit Prices Market P2F and Adjusted EBITDA of Performance Materials and Chemicals (Unit: USD per ton) 2020 2021 YoY % +/(-) Phenol 749 1,178 57% BPA 1,388 2,889 108% Propylene Oxide (PO) 1,358 2,086 54% Polyols 1,669 2,465 48% Phenol P2F 447 448 0% BPA P2F 532 1,649 >200% Adjusted EBITDA (MB) 6,020 18,578 >200% Adjusted EBITDA margin (%) 18% 27% 9% Utilization Rate Phenol (%) 109% 113% 4% Utilization Rate BPA (%) 108% 111% 3% Utilization Rate PO (%) N/A 95% 95% declined from 97% in 2020 due to some of utilities support providers was affected by the lighting strike incident in April 2021, which resulted to the slowdown in production. In addition, the Company has started commercial operation for the Olefins Reconfiguration Project (ORP) since June 2021. Polymer plant utilization rate of 103%, increased from 101% in 2020, as following the direction of market price, which was slightly increased, although there was planned maintenance shutdown in Q4/2021. In term of the price situation, overall products prices were supported by easing lockdown in many countries and the speed-up of the progress on vaccination, as following the Crude oil price. The Adjusted EBITDA of Olefins and Derivatives Business Unit was Baht 27,350 million, or Adjusted EBITDA Margin of 20%. In term of feedstock, the portion of feedstock used of Gas and Naphtha were 80% and 20% respectively. Phenol In 2021, Phenol price averaged at 1,178 USD per ton, increased by 429 USD per ton or 57% from 2020 mainly due to Phenol supply shortage resulted from Polar Vortex situation in the United States led to the difficulty in plant operations and unplanned production cuts in the region in Q1/2021. In Q2/2021, supply of phenol went down as several phenol plants curtail their operations during the COVID-19 Delta Variant. Also, there was a delay in logistic discharge and dual control policy stipulated in China led to the drop in phenol supply as well. In 2021, BPA price averaged at 2,889 USD per ton, increased by 1,501 USD per ton or 108% from 2020 due to the supply shortage effected from Polar Vortex situation in the United States leading to a surplus demand of Epoxy resin and a rise in BPA downstream price. Moreover, wind turbine consumption, to generate renewable power and decrease low carbon emission, rose significantly in areas such as Europe, the United States, North Asia, especially in China. 103 BUSINESS OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FINANCIAL REPORTS AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS APPENDIX