The “Millions Support… Ensuring a Safe Space for All” project delivers an additional one million PE gowns for free!

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, GC is providing continued protective medical equipment, reflecting the company’s concern and increasing the safety of frontline medical personnel. GC initiated the “Millions Support… Ensuring A Safe Space for All” project to prevent Covid-19 infections. Previously, GC, together with its partners across different sectors, provided more than two million sets of PE gowns under the Greater Care by GC brand. This time around, GC is providing another one million sets of PE gowns totaling three million sets. Medical personnel can get a set for free at:

Note: GC would like to inform everyone that the PE gown sets are being given free of charge. Please report any individuals or organizations that ask you to transfer money for the PE gown and shipping fee to the police immediately.

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