Stakeholder Engagement

Since each stakeholder group is important to GC’s business operation both directly and indirectly, GC has deployed several communication channels to continuously address its stakeholders regarding to their issues of interest and to receive feedbacks, recommendations and expectations. GC has been integrating stakeholder feedbacks and expectations into the company’s decision-making process and business planning.

GC has classified external and internal stakeholders into four main groups: 1) Shareholder, 2) Business Partner, 3) Community, Society and the Environment and 4) Employee. The communication channels and stakeholders’ engagement approaches are different for each group in order to strengthen the relationships in accordance with the principles of Good Governance. Through several channels such as Annual General Meeting, Annual Report, Integrated Sustainability Report, Shareholder satisfaction survey, Whistleblower channel, Annual Supplier meeting, Customer Solution Center (CSC), Analyst meeting, and various communication channels and company’s internal online system, etc.

More information on stakeholder engagement can be found in Integrated Sustainability Report 2020

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