Personal Safety Management

In order to prevent injuries and accidents at work, GC encourages Personal Safety Management by promoting leadership in safety management (our Management Safety Leadership Commitment) by our company’s executives and managers as well as contractors in accordance with GC’s framework. We also encourage everyone at GC to follow safety measures and practices.

Our comprehensive safety culture goes beyond implementing safety regulations. It includes constant awareness and integrating safety standards and measures into our company. GC set target for Personal Safety Management and regularly monitor results through clear indicators, such as TRIR (Total Recordable Injuries Rate) at 0.5 cases per one million man-hours and LTIFR (Lost Time Injuries Frequency Rate) at zero case per one million man-hours.

Examples of Occupational Health and Personal Safety Management Programs
Life-Saving Rules

GC analyzed and compared the company’s past safety statistical data to international standards to find an approach to elevate the safety culture for all levels of employees. Results of the survey were evaluated along with statistics from other safety projects to establish the Life Saving Rules.

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Near Miss Terminator Project

GC initiated the Near Miss Terminator Project to encourage the report of incidents with potential harms to properties or people. The Near Miss Report will raise caution among employees when performing their tasks and will prevent the occurrence of serious accidents. In 2019, most of near-miss incidents reporting had already been the cause of serious accidents in the past. This shows that employees are more conscious about safety and are able to identify risks, which will lead to the prevention of serious accidents and a more efficient safety management.

Management Safety Walk Program

Executives of the company in the position of president, vice president and managers, has participated in the weekly process safety assessment while continuously following up on each corrective action status. This program results in an efficiency improvement in preventing accidents and reduction in unplanned shutdowns in the production process.

Supervisor Skill workshop

GC initiated the performance measures of supervisors on their knowledge, monitoring ability, reporting, etc. The workshop improved the performance of supervisors that may impact on the performance of employees in control and helps the accident prevention during the operation.

Regarding GC’s implementation on occupational health and safety, the safety performance indicators LTIFR, TRIR and OIFR for employees and contractors has potentially decreased.

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