GC Compostable Label

14 Things to know about Bioplastics and the GC Compostable label

Today, a new generation of customers can help the environment by using bioplastic products, being sure to discard them in the right bins. The bioplastic waste can then biodegrade with no negative effects.

GC Compostable product label

GC is committed to developing products that are environmentally friendly and compostable. The Compostability is base on the standard of ASTM D6400, EN 13432 or ISO 17088

To promote increased awareness among consumers and create a positive brand image for GC's customers (including convertors and brand owners) that use GC's raw material products with their high standards, produce bioplastics product

GC created a label certifying that the manufacturers’ products and packaging use compostable bioplastics pellets from GC Group. “GC Compostable Label

This demonstrates a commitment to developing environmentally-friendly products, builds confidence, and highlights innovation, which can increase the value of the product or packaging.

These labels are for the exclusive use of GC’s end manufacturers to help communicate the benefits of their products and packaging in the market, as well as for other marketing communications purposes. This can support their marketing goals