Bioplastics are plastics derived from agricultural raw materials (Biobased) and petroleum (Petrobased). Bioplastics have plastic-like qualification which can be melted and formed by general processes with general machines; only slight adjustment may be needed.

Biobase Bioplastics are produced by fermentation process to convert agricultural raw materials into Monomer which will be processed into plastic further. The most familiar raw materials used to produce Bioplastics are corn starch, cassava, and sugar and in the future they may be produced from rice straw. Currently, bioplastics have been developed and are ready to operate commercially, such as Polylactic Acid or PLA and Polybutylene Succinate or PBS.

Solution Creation Co.Ltd. distributes PLA under the brand "Ingeo" produced by Natureworks USA and PBS under the brand "BioPBS" produced by PTTMCC Biochem.

  • 100% renewable source
  • Transparent
  • Rigid and brittle (PET like)
  • Suitable for rigid fresh food packaging and ISBM bottle
  • 100% Compostable
  • High service temperature 100°C
  • Fastest biodegradable rate
  • Suitable for paper coating and flexible packaging