Management & Employee Development Policy

Reinforcing the development of human resource management is essential for enhancing PTT Global Chemical’s (GC’s) competitiveness and capabilities, while fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities. Effective human resource management ensures GC’s stability and sustainable growth, so the company can achieve our ambition to become a global player as PTT Group’s flagship chemical business. Our company’s growth also supports Thailand’s industrial and economic growth.

GC’s operational plan for human resource management is aligned closely with our business operations and strategy for future growth. This enables the company to pursue international opportunities and enhance business models that reflect our size and diversity.

To develop our human resource management plan, GC prepares our personnel both qualitatively and quantitatively so they are ready to handle projects and deliver assignments on schedule.


To augment recruitment and talent management, GC has developed our own database of skilled employees to evaluate their skills, expertise, experience, and job interests. We have expanded this database to include international candidates who support our overseas activities, notably in the United States.

Another GC innovation is the company’s e-recruitment platform. It has increased the efficiency of our recruitment process while supporting many other projects and business opportunities. GC connects with potential hires by actively promoting our corporate brand through social media, including Facebook, LINE and LinkedIn. This helps to find qualified and experienced individuals from diverse fields who are interested in joining our team.

To drive our growth, GC relies on unity through diversity. Our selection process for potential candidates incorporates the four “GC Spirit” core values that encourage employees to:

  • Take the initiative to create better results.
  • Keep improving yourself and inspiring teamwork.
  • Work proactively to serve customers’ needs.
  • Strive for the greater good.
Learning & Development

GC’s Shift Mindset & Culture project shapes our employees’ attitudes and working methods for success in an environment of uncertainty, volatility and complexity. This reinforces the company’s competitiveness by increasing our ability to implement strategic plans for stability and sustainable growth, while promoting employee understanding about the need to adapt.

The Shift Mindset & Culture project team is comprised of executives from various divisions. They initiate a framework that encourages employees to change their mindsets, behavior, and ways of working to reflect the GC Spirit core values.