iMeeting Room: Intelligent Meeting Room

Digital disruption, which is the change that occurs when new digital technologies enable new business platforms and affect the value proposition of existing goods and services, is well underway. It’s important for companies to realize that digital disruption does not pose a threat, but is an opportunity to evaluate their position in the market and how they can evolve to anticipate and address changes taking place, adapting into more efficient and successful operations.

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC) has shown itself to be very effective in navigating market and industry changes. One of the workplace successes that has contributed to both improved creativity and productivity is PTTGC’s Intelligent Meeting room or iMeeting Room. It’s a smart meeting room that integrates with devices to provide full connectivity. For example, the air conditioning uses motion sensors to automatically switch off when no one is in the room for 15 minutes. PTTGC employees can receive reminders that a meeting is about to end, which means better-organized use of the room. The goal of the iMeeting room is to boost productivity through technology, contributing to a more intelligent environment.

In addition to greater convenience, the iMeeting room encourages energy efficiency and facilitates conferences through the Skype Meetings app, reducing travel expenses and time spent on the road. Most importantly, it’s a point of pride for all staff that PTTGC is the only company in Thailand that uses the “Full Automation” format for video conferencing. The iMeeting room project was selected as the winner of the ICT Excellence Award 2018 in the Innovative Project Category by the Thai Management Association (TMA). The award ceremony took place on March 29, 2018, and PTTGC won among 26 companies that entered 51 projects in the competition.