PTTGC has a Committee responsible for governing sustainability in the organization, overseeing policy, strategy, and work plans which align with the company’s targets and international standards. The Sustainable Development Committee (SDC) acts as a working group dealing with implementation of sustainability initiatives; ensuring that the plans are in alignment with PTTGC’s goals and international standards; sustainability management for PTTGC Group Companies; supporting other departments in adhering to the sustainability policy; and as a focal point for collaboration with other parties.

The SDC Charter mandates that the Committee reports progress on implementation of sustainable development directly and periodically to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the Board. The SDC consists of 21 members comprising Senior Vice Presidents (SVP) and other senior management executives from each business unit and function.

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SDC has the following responsibilities:

  1. Set policy, framework and strategy, and consider issues that promote the sustainability of the organization, including setting sustainable development targets for the purposes of leadership development at the national and international levels in accordance with international standards.
  2. Supervise, manage and review the implementation of sustainable development plans/activities, including collaboration with relevant parties both within and outside the organization in the sustainability development aspect.
  3. Provide counsel and support appropriate resources and persons to promote the sustainable development strategy to the entire organization in the same direction.
  4. Conduct meetings at least every two months.
  5. Assign sub-committees or working groups to respond to each criterion of sustainable development and its implementation, in order to cover and align with significant issues in the organization.
  6. Govern sub-committees or working groups to report progress to the SDC quarterly.
  7. Report its conclusion and summary to the Group Management Committee (GMC), Risk Management Committee (RMC) and Corporate Governance Committee (CG) quarterly, and this process will be reported directly to the Chairman and Board of Directors.

The Sustainable Development Committee (SDC)

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