PTTGC believes that stakeholder relationships are an invaluable asset. They are a key element supporting the sustainability and success of our business. PTTGC’s Corporate Governance and Code of Conduct Handbook clearly identifies the functions of the Corporate Governance Committee, which reports on the company’s relationships with each stakeholder group and how to strengthen these relationships in accordance with the principles of good governance.

PTTGC is committed to protecting stakeholders’ rights by reflecting their values, expectations, and concerns in all our business plans. We integrate stakeholder feedback into PTTGC’s decision-making process and organizational procedures. Issues identified by our stakeholders are used in the materiality assessment presented in the integrated sustainability report.

PTTGC defines our stakeholders, both internal and external, as four main groups:

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1) Shareholder

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2) Business Partners

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3) Community, Society and the Environment

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4) Employees

Communication and engagement takes various forms for each stakeholder. To identify stakeholders affected by materiality, we collect primary and secondary data through various channels.

PTTGC’s business units with responsibilities relevant to materiality, such as receiving materiality from direct stakeholders through engagement channels, interact with stakeholders using the methods shown in the table below. They also receive materiality through surveys with customers, employees, and communities in alignment with data collection by experts in the company's business units. Stakeholder groups that have a potential impact on PTTGC’s operations are identified by the data.


Stakeholder Key Stakeholder Interests Action and Responses Engagement Channel and Frequency


Enhance business competitiveness capabilities.

Cooperate with various agencies and other companies to enhance operational efficiencies.

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Annual Report/Sustainability Report
  • Web site
  • Annual shareholder visit to the company’s operational sites

Business Partners

Stakeholder Key Stakeholder Interests Action and Responses Engagement Channel and Frequency


Operations are conducted with integrity, transparency, and fairness.

Assign responsible units to provide suppliers with consultations, including following-up on complaints and so on.

  • Annual Supplier Conference
  • Monthly Supplier Meetings
  • Approved Vendor List


Receive high-quality products and services at a fair price.

Assign responsible units to provide customers with recommendations and consultations, including following up on customer complaints and so on.

  • Annual Customer Meeting
  • Customer Service Center
  • Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Various company media channels, such as newsletters and magazines


Compliance with conditions and agreements as stipulated in contracts.

Assess debt default probability and creditor satisfaction levels.

  • Four joint CSR activities
  • Four Analyst meetings

Community, Society, and Environment

Stakeholder Key Stakeholder Interests Action and Responses Engagement Channel and Frequency

Community, Society, and Environment

Social and community impact resulting from company operations.

Conduct business with discretion and caution to minimize impact. Receive suggestions and feedback from communities and society. Promote comprehensive information disclosures in an accurate and timely manner.

  • 2,000 community visits
  • 252 social and environmental activities


Company cooperation with nonprofit organizations

Communicate the company’s procedures to nonprofit organizations. This includes channels through which nonprofit organizations can offer suggestions and submit complaints directly to the company.

Public Sector

Company cooperation in government activities.

Delegate units responsible for government relations to communicate with government agencies in an appropriate and transparent manner. Strict compliance with relevant laws related to business conduct.

  • Networking with government agencies
  • Report results as per relevant laws


Stakeholder Key Stakeholder Interests Action and Responses Engagement Channel and Frequency


Occupational health and safety as well as provision of welfare and remuneration.

Provide channels for employees to submit comments and complaints directly to management, reflecting the company’s focus on labor and human rights according to the principles of the United Nations. This includes occupational health and safety measures as well as providing comprehensive welfare and remuneration to all employees.

  • Various communication channels and intranet
  • Quarterly CEO town hall for employees
  • Annual Employee Satisfaction and Employee Engagement Surveys