PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited is committed to becoming a role-model organization of sustainable development. We are committed to taking part in the change that is founded on equality and sustainability from within. We are dedicated to the creation of a balance between business growth and improved quality of life. By paying attention to and caring for society, communities and the environment, we aspire to create value and foster sustainable growth.


We aim to grow our company through the adoption of sustainable principles into our daily business practices. Innovations have been implemented in our strategic planning, production of chemical innovations with optimum effectiveness for future well-being and sustainability. At the same time, we operate ethically and transparently in everything that we do.


We conduct business responsibly, in terms of safety, occupational health and the environment. We deliver quality products to our customers. We have effective environmental management and energy consumption. We help maintain biodiversity through our environmental and safety excellence, as well as eco-friendly products. Thanks to all of this, we shall be able to create value and foster sustainable growth.


As a global company, we are committed to continue embracing the principles of UN Global Compact LEAD level, which we will continuously seek to integrate into every area of our operations, including education, occupations and community enterprises. We have initiated projects for community-level economic development, local job creation, creating sustainably strong communities.