Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

PTTGC's World Sustainability Records : Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)

World Sustainability Indices What Why participate Recognitions
Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
  • The indices measure business effectiveness and performance of corporates the world's leaders in corporate sustainability that are used by many investment funds around the world as investment criteria.
  • Companies listed in DJSIs are those with processes and performance proven to promote sustainability.
  • Participating companies are able to benchmark their performance with other global leading companies.
  • Participating companies are recognized by many institutions worldwide as leaders in corporate sustainability.
  • More than 2,500 largest companies based on free-float market cap are invited for DJSI World. DJSI takes a best-in-class approach to selecting sustainability leaders from all industries on the basis of defined sustainability criteria embedded in the RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment.
  • Based on the 2015 assessment PTTGC is recognized as one of ten leading companies in terms of corporate sustainability from 86 companies in Chemicals sector.

Important facts about Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI)

What are DJSI and why is it important?

  • DJSI tracks the performance of world's leading companies in corporate sustainability
  • DJSI is used by many global investment funds as main investment criteria

Assessment and Selection Process

  • DJSI committee preliminarily screened leading corporates worldwide and then invited as many as 2,500 corporates as potential candidates for DJSI in various sectors.
  • There were 122 candidates that passed preliminary screening in Chemicals sector.
  • There were 86 qualified companies in Chemicals sector
  • Only 10 companies, including PTTGC, in Chemicals sector were identified as global leader in sustainability (The sector leader is Akzo Nobel NV.)

What are the benefits of participating in DJSI?

  • For PTTGC: PTTGC can benchmark its performance with those of other global leaders in the same sector, and leverage its processes and performances accordingly
  • For PTTGC's stakeholders: All PTTGC's stakeholders, especially investors, would be more trustful and confident that PTTGC's business maneuver is carried out in a sustainable way

Why PTTGC was awarded "leaders in business sustainability" by DJSI?

  • PTTGC has a long reputation in conducting its business based on the concept of sustainable development and, hence, has gained recognition from two international institutions; namely, United Nations and World Business Council for Sustainable Development together with local institutions such as the Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • In addition, PTTGC has adopted and incorporated "Global Codes of Conducts in Sustainable Development" in its business strategy and commitment such as
    • Research and Development projects that aim at promoting environmental sustainability such as Enclosed Ground Flare R&D project and Bio-projects
    • PTTGC also encourages sustainability development along its Supply Chain, including contractors and customers, through various tools and activities, such as Suppliers Code of Conduct and sustainability consultations
    • Targeted and implemented considerate and solid environmental responsibility plan, such as Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction, GHG tracking, and resource exploitation reduction