PTTGC’s Innovation

  • Innovation for the future
  • Innovation Development Process


Recognized R&D in ASEAN strengthening PTTGC’ competitive advantages and supporting sustainable growth through breakthrough technologies and innovation

Because we develop our research in cooperation, we reach new heights, achieve value creation and find chemical innovations for health and sustainability in the future.

Alternative Feedstocks

The reliability of feedstock is one of the Company’s focuses in R&D to assure competitive advantage and sustainability in the long run.

Process Technology

Process technology is key area in innovation. Through the process improvement, competitiveness along with social and environmental sustainability can be achieved. The new technology development will fulfil the performance of process optimization


Development of value-added new products from the existing basic chemical molecules to respond to the customer’s diverse requirements and to add more value to the Company’s portfolios

Functional and Performance Materials

Together with customers to develop value-added products, high performance products to meet the global trend of upcoming market demand.

PTTGC is well aware of complexity, uncertainty and risks in various areas affecting innovation, as a result, it has implemented processes to examine research, development and innovation projects. This has been achieved by defining the principles covering numerous kay factors, ranging from technologies, intellectual property, and investment profitability to impact on the environment.