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Aromatics are a major feedstock for intermediate and downstream industries including automotive, textiles, packaging, electronics, and electrical appliances. Named for their distinctive scent, aromatics are ideal for lightweight products that can reduce energy consumption to benefit the environment.

PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC) is Thailand’s largest producer and distributor of upstream aromatics products. The company’s Group Performance Center - Aromatics operates Aromatics Complex 1 and Aromatics Complex 2. These two facilities have a combined production capacity of 2,259,080 tons of aromatics products per year.

PTTGC’s aromatics products include benzene, paraxylene, cyclohexane, orthoxylene, toluene, and mixed xylenes. These products can be further processed into a wide range of key solutions and serve as a substrate for downstream industries such as apparel and electronics parts.

By-products of the aromatics production process include: i) Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and light naphtha, which serve as raw materials for Olefins production; and ii) condensate residues used as raw material for refining jet fuel, diesel, and fuel oil.

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Diagram illustrating the processes involved in utilizing and boosting the aromatics products in downstream industries