Business Structure


Refinery & Shared Facilities

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited is one of the leading petroleum refiners and suppliers of refined petroleum products in Thailand which owns and operates a most advanced, complex and energy-efficient refinery in Asia Pacific, due to the flexibility of refining processes and the ability to supply petroleum products as market demand. PTTGC has capacity of 280,000 barrels per day of crude oil and condensate intake, with various high-quality petroleum products with total capacity of 228,000 barrels per day.



PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited is a producer and distributor of aromatics products with 2 aromatics production units, namely Aromatics Complex I, located in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong, and Aromatics Complex II, located in RIL Industrial Estate, Rayong.



The core business of the group is the manufacturing and distribution of olefins products to downstream petrochemical plants in the PTT Global Chemical Group and other downstream industrial plants. The company's olefins plant uses natural gas and naphtha as its feedstock, allowing for flexibility in raw material use to achieve maximum benefit to the company.



The Polymer product business unit meets the needs of consumers and the market place with high-quality and international-standardized polymer resins that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner for the manufacturing of a wide range of plastic products for use in various industries and in everyday life.

  • TSCL

EO-Based Performance

Ethylene oxide adds value from upstream to downstream, expanding the market and increasing the value of a wide range of downstream industries. These products used as components for cosmetics, feedstock for the textile industry, clear plastic containers, hygiene products, pharmaceuticals and livestock feed.


Green Chemical

Green Chemicals products are biochemicals derived from plant and animal fats. Fatty alcohol used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal hygiene industry, and methyl ester, from natural raw materials, which is used as an ingredient in biodiesel as alternative chemicals, are two examples of such products. Green Chemicals also includes Bioplastic, the innovative products that are environmental friendly.

  • GGC
  • TFA
  • TEX
  • NatureWorks

High Volume Specialties

High Volume Specialties products are innovative intermediate and downstream petrochemicals. These products create value-added and enhance market opportunity, especially in high growth industries, such as automotive industry, E&E industry, and construction industry.

  • PPCL


Phenol product create added value to upstream products and to support the growth of other downstream industries, including automotive, construction, and engineering plastic.