PTT Global Chemical (PTTGC) is committed to combining environmentally-friendly innovations with advanced technologies to develop products that improve people’s lives in a sustainable way. The “GC Spirit,” which embodies our company’s beliefs and culture, helps our 4,300 employees worldwide to ensure PTTGC consistently delivers on this commitment.

The GC Spirit is a core value that instills a strong sense of teamwork and builds a self-sustaining culture among PTTGC executives and the company’s employees. It highlights four core behaviors to promote positive values that are clear for PTTGC employees to understand and easy for them to follow. The result is a highly-focused organization that leads the way in sustainability.

Beliefs & Culture

PTTGC greatly values the importance of human resources. We believe that all our employees play a pivotal role in driving the company towards sustainability and maintaining our leadership position.

We encourage a shared sense of purpose among our employees with the GC Spirit’s four core behaviors:

Taking the initiative to create better results.
Continuously improving yourself and inspiring teamwork.
Working proactively to serve the needs of our customers.
Striving for the greater good.

These behaviors are essential for PTTGC to sustain the competitiveness of our core business and focus on our social and environmental responsibilities. They ensure the company continues to develop value-added products for our customers that offer better living for consumers and communities.

With the GC Spirit, PTTGC is helping to create a better quality of life by providing Better Chemistry for Better Living, in Thailand and around the world.